Greetings fellow Ganganauts. The last week of the first tour of 2010 draws to a close as the battle scarred bretheren of the beats bare up to the final onslaught, once more unto the breach. Currently, I sit in the backstage area of the Garorock Festival, struggling with an azerty keyboard. So,,,After the all too brief sojourn in Lyon, the Mobile Latin Brothel carried us to Claremont Ferrand. Once again the flashbacks rushed over me as I saw the many previous gigs there pass through my memory. Mainly though, it was the thought of the French girl who works in a local pub near my home in London. I had asked her where she came from, and she replied Claremont Ferrand. At that I had replied that I knew it. She did not believe me and assumed I was lying to try and chat her up. Weeks later someone pointed out I was one of the singers from Le Peuple De L'Herbe, and had played all over France, including, as ever, the Cooperative du Mai. Then she realized A) I was, and B) I did.......and she was embarassed...silly cow. LOL!!!

The gig was cool, but everyone in the band felt like it was a Monday gig although on a Tuesday! C'est la vie. Chabada followed. I recall I had blood poisoning last time here which was fun.The familiarity of the venue came as no surprise.After 18 years of touring and become a wee bit like groundhog day...But the crowd changes. And even the bands. A venue I have never played before, the John Lennon gig in Limoges, so far was the best gig. For some reason everything fell in to place on stage. N'Zeng had had problems with the keyboard. To such an extent it couyld no longer be trusted to function in a show. So we tied it to a passing hippy and set it on fire; Then we bought a new one. Keyboard, not hippy. As I said the atmosphere both on and off stage was energising to the extreme. The buzz after lasted us well into the morning hours.

So today....Garorock, where I bought my stereo belt buckle two years ago. I look forward to this evenings gig as I know the power of this festival. The staff are amazing and so is the food, talking of which it is lunchtime. Tomorrow we will play with Shri at Les Abbatoirs, a friend of mine of many years standing. Le Peuple and he will do some numbers together as well. Which I await with glee. Of course apart from, that dear cannaboids I am on the countdown to Goa, where I shall spend the next two weeks break after this strenuous tour; Chilling in the sun recharging my chakra....

So my old Maryjanes, I bid you a good karma, and  forgive any spelling mistakes as I struggle with the azerty...Om!